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Business activity


Our company is expanding its marketing activities, to ENT related medical facilities. In 2015, we could launch some highly required products in clinical practice by collecting information and requirements in ENT field. MRs of CEOLIA Pharma are setting out to provide the latest information timely and to play a role of specialty MR, by taking efforts in collecting information regarding needs of the treatment. We wish to be a trustworthy and excellent partner of medical institutions and concerned people straining to acquire knowledge constantly and trying to take promotion activities under strictly kept compliance based on various guideline indicated by Oto-rhino-larygological Society, etc.


High quality and safety assurance are the essential part of business. As a pioneer of ENT products, we consider that to provide the reliable medicines to patients and health care workers are our first priority of our business. CEOLIA Pharma put efforts into assuring quality and safety management in the manufacturing and the logistics comprehending the changes of environment around medical products rightly. We conduct quality management and instruct domestic and foreign manufacturing subcontractors for the better status, and collect safety information in compliance with global rules and regulations, and at the same time, we convey the feedback to patients and health care workers. We will keep on supplying good quality products and accurate information in order to respond to trust of society.


CEOLIA Pharma, being a Specialty Pharma in the field of ENT, is working on research and development focusing on drugs of high unmet medical needs and the future medical needs with a central focus on fundamental drugs(basal drug) under the motto of “To lead the treatment of ENT diseases” in the cooperation with internal and external corporations or academia. In recent years, due to the changes in natural environment and living environment, along with the expansion of allergic diseases caused by pollen and fine particulate matters, infectious diseases have been diversifying and getting more and more complicated. Also we have entered a phase of aging society which brought disorders of 3 sensory organs(acoustic sense, olfactory sense, taste sense) that causes decrease of QOL and the expansion of healthy life-span has become a big social problem. In order to meet those medical needs, we will create out-of-box drugs taking advantage of the ENT specialty, and will be involved agressively in reaearch and development of original medical products as well as various medical devices for providing total care products for diseases of ENT field.