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Our Vision

CEOLIA Pharma is a specialty pharma in ENT area. Among all the entrances to our body, ear, nose and throat have a vital role which allow us to enjoy a joyful approach. As a pioneer of healthcare firm in focusing on 3 sensory organs = ENT, we would like to contribute to people’s health and happiness.

We established CEOLIA Pharma in 2010 putting our yearning above into our Business Philosophy: “To create health of 3 sensory organs and a productive life living with the environment”.

The functions of senses of hearing, smelling, and taste are exposed to various changes, such as the environmental change due to the global warming, changes of dietary habit, and nerve cell dysfunction by aging. We focus on those new diseases caused by them, We are challenging on supplying innovative drugs as well as conducting extensive research from advanced and highly-needed fundamental drugs to biological drugs.

By constantly keeping the situation of patients in mind, we conduct investigation of medical treatment needs with the help of medical institutes, supply of valuable information, aim to share and contribute towards healthy life expectancy. As an ENT partner, we carry moral values and sense of duty and work vigorously towards our aim to meet the expectations of all concerned people.

We are expecting your further support to us. Thank you.

trade mark

The company name is a combination of Greek word “Teoria” which means happiness and “Oria” which means origin.

The trade mark is a shape of ear and it widens from center towards outer side, the upper end is brighter colored and represents symbol of growth. It puts a strong belief that we will contribute to the happiness of all the people through the organs of ear, nose and throat which are closely related to our lives.